Saturday, July 28, 2007

first off -

I would love to tell more about myself. I am a graphic designer by training, but have worked an awful long time as a textile designer. That is my dream job. I should say "was", since the problems in my mouse hand got more and more serious and I had to give it up, more or less. No more 10-hour days at the computer for me! (I do feel sorry for myself, no matter what you guys think...!)
After some serious physical therapy, acupuncture, the works, I feel the surge coming on for creating beautiful imagery. I am fascinated by atc's and inchies. Both require tight designs, but I love the fact that they can be witty, funny, playful and beautiful, all at the same time, and I don't have to think commercial. "Think pretty" will be my new mantra!

Here are some cards I made recently. I was going to my niece's wedding, and at first I thought I'd give her and her fiancee this. It reads "Words from the Experienced". Love is tough, and you need someone to tell you this. Right?
Well, I reconsidered, and gave them another card instead which read "Happy Day Every Day".

Then there's this: Doors Will Open.
You need keys to each other's hearts.

(you can click both for bigger)

Card on top reads: Handsome Men - How Dare You!
Don't ask me what I meant with that. I found the words in a magazine and thought them quite witty...

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  1. those are cool... hey thanx for stopping by.... im glad you like my forgetfullness collage..