Tuesday, July 31, 2007

home is best

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I created some cards this morning. I purchased an old 1895 hand written document a while ago and have been dying to put it to good use. Now I copied it in color, which gave a nice tinted background. I then added a color-copied old photo (via tuscan rose), a piece of torn map, some found words and small dried leaves.
It reads: Memories, Fun, Great Moments. Home is Best.

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A gift tag. Same document background, a piece of tissue paper, a torn heart (gouache on a magazine) and a found word: "Ihanimmat". Finnish for the most precious, the most wonderful.
You could go on and write the most precious memories, or the most wonderful meals or smiles or whatever it is you need to say. I want to leave it open, so you can fill in your own message, the most wonderful being just a prompt.


  1. What lovely, serene, elegant pieces. So glad you left a comment on my blog. It led me to yours!

  2. thats an awsome card... glad you liked my spunky grandparents pic... i have more pics of them ill be making somthing out of... they took some awsome pics back in the day!