Monday, July 30, 2007

tree inchies - or are they?

I spent yesterday making inchies for the tree inchies swap organized by Joanne. Never having made inchies before I found it quite challenging. An inch x inch is not a whole lot of surface to design on!

I took two different approaches. For the first one I carved a rubber stamp. I prepared a background on a page from a literary magazine from 1956 and printed my trees on top. Turns out I hadn't measured carefully and my inch was more like an inch and a quarter... which of course means the picture had to be cropped. I added some detail by stamping and hand coloring. Sorry, the quality of photos is poor due to lack of sunlight yesterday. All pics click for bigger.

The second set was digital. My goodness, I sat like three hours manipulating this little fella.
I started with an old engraving, zoomed onto a nice scenery, created what seemed like a gazillion of layers - in reality only six! I had in mind a delicate, hand-tinted look like they did in early 1800's, very pastelly and serene. I like the look, but I am not sure whether a digital inchie of this sort would be acceptable. I mean, it is not great artistry or original collaging. OTOH I am not happy with my stamped trees either. They are a bit, shall we say, rustic...

Anyone who reads this would you please comment, pretty please! You'all are likely to be more experienced in inchies than I am, and your input, any input, is greatly appreciated.


  1. Leimatut inchiet ovat tosi hienot. Ja ainutlaatuiset. Wau!!! Samoin tuo digitaalinen inchie on ihana, siinä on jotenkin niin rauhallinen tunnelma. Vaihdoissa joissa itse olen ollut mukana en ole törmännyt digitaalisesti tehtyihin kortteihin, mutta ainahan voit laittaa viestiä Joannelle ja kysyä häneltä.

    Kiitos kommentista blogiini. Jos haluat joskus vaihtaa kortteja, niin laitapa viestiä.

  2. I'd go with the stamped ones, too. IMO digital is ok if limited edition and numbered, but like you said that inchie might need a different kind of touch. And actually I have no experience about inchies, only atcs, but maybe that'll do.

    Vaihtoehdotuksista: sopiiko etten varaa sulle nyt vielä mitään, vaan katsellaan tässä puolin ja toisin milloin kummallakin sattuu olemaan jotain sopivaa vapaana ja vaihdetaan sitten niistä?

  3. I love the stamped ones they are beautiful and so unique. really fantastic and just perfect.

    I have no rules about the use of digital so it's up to you. but the stamped ones are definitely my favourite.

    thank you for taking part in my swap

  4. they are both beauties... im doin the tree inchie swap as well... im thinking this was a hard theme... im not happy with either set... i think im gonna send em both in ... let her decide... right ? :)

  5. Olet tehnyt hienoja ja jännittäviä asioita. Voiko kanssasi vaihtaa muuten vain?

  6. great tree inchies, id go with the stamped ones :)

  7. OOOOOOO I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stamped rustic ones, they are beautiful, not into digital at all, but I think it's just personal preference, I'd be happy to receive any of them, your work is lovely. Hope I get one of these in the swap!!! :o)

  8. I like them both but i'm not into digital either. But perhaps thats because i wouldn't have a clue where to start with digital. And your stamp is hand made isn't it? So they are extra special