Saturday, August 11, 2007

3 cards and 5 facts

Here are the three cards I received in Sandy's atc-swap. The theme was time. (Scroll down for my entries. At the last moment I felt like I couldn't part with tic-toc says the clock, so I sent in just three.)And they are from - ? Oops, sorry... I know I brought the cards upstairs after taking their picture, but now I can't find them anywhere (in my glorious mess) - but I promise to tell and link as soon as I find the cards!

Sheri from Blended Colors asked me to reveal five facts about myself that you didn't know. Well, there are bound to be several thousand facts but I will only bore you with five.

1. stuff
I love stuff! I am forever scouring the flea-markets and carrying home odd road-side junk. But I also love my clean and uncluttered space and hate owning too much, because it makes me feel weighted. It's a dilemma, to put it mildly.
I have resolved it by using the waning and waxing method. I let my possessions accumulate to a certain point, at which they start taking overhand. Then it is time to let them go. I do this happily, knowing if I make space in my closet/drawer/life, something better will turn up. Life is not a take, it's a give and take.

2. clean
I need it clean. I am forever picking up sweaters, newspapers, scissors, books, magazines and bringing them to their place. I like when everything has their place. It makes me happy to know that any given hour of any given day I can walk into my kitchen and grab the scissors - no frantic looking and no swearing. (And what a time-saver!)

3. journals, notebooks
That said, I seem to be very cluttered when it comes to my journals and notebooks. Noticed the plural? Yes, I have several. There's the day-to-day planner, two big spiral-bound notebooks, a journal, and several (four?) small notebooks.
All my life is divided between these...(gasp)...eight books. It makes me very confused as I can never find the information/idea/phone # I am looking for and end up loosing so much time searching for the missing information and phoning other people to get the needed phone numbers.
(I will pay attention to all your suggestions, I promise! Tell me how you manage your notes?)

4. Victorian
I grew up reading books like Gold-Else (German bloggers will be familiar with these), Anne of Green Gables and other literature infused by Victorian values. Add to that an elderly papa doting his young wife -type family situation - keeping with the theme, at least - and you may realize I am not very 21st century. I grew up thinking leaving your calling card between 10 and 11 am was proper behavior.
We had tons of books at home, and I would read everything. My favorites were Victorian housewife-books (Frauenratgeber), and I was especially prone to imagining my future having a cook with whom I would discuss the daily menus... needless to say I had to wake up and smell the coffee (and make my own, tee-hee)

5. peanut butter
So simple and yet so complex! My favorite is the classic peanut butter with strawberry jam. No, it doesn't have to be Smuckers (rather prefer Bonne Maman...), and no, I do not like grape jelly. It is too thin, no consistency at all.
Have you ever tried this: peanut butter, lettuce and crisp bacon? Seriously yummy, a perfect lunch on a hot day. Enjoy!

(Have to shove in a sixth: I grew up in four different languages in as many countries - I float between the worlds. Where ever I live, that's my home, but I can imagine other homes as well. Don't envy me. It is hard keeping up with my family. The person you need is likely not being around in your part of the world.)

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  1. awsome! thank you for doing this! i do the same thing with my "stuff"