Saturday, August 11, 2007

family secrets

where are you from, mother dear, so merry and gay? Lace and sequins, a sleeveless gown and a flower bouquet - must be from somewhere fine! (traded)

Did a series of atc's today with a heavy theme. Every family has some secrets, matters that are not ever being discussed, or else are being talked about in hushed voices, discussion abruptly stopped when someone enters the room.from a foreign country but yet - the birch tree with an evening star are there!

matters pertaining the law - dearest child!
a real 1880's newspaper snippet. "Lakiasioita" in funky typeface.

she told everything she knew
Kind of had to.

living in glass house
and with a real silk flower in her hair (traded)

son dearest, where have you been?
The civil war is a touchy subject. Well, he does have a golden heart, that blessed boy! (traded)

everything clicks for big!


  1. Tulin vastavierailulle, kivan näköinen blogi sulla :-)

    Juu, täällä on aika kivasti tarroja saatavilla :-)

  2. thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my Creative Blogs!
    Love the name of your blog.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog. It made me happy! Glad that you found my quick tutorial useful. I'm sure your water drops will look better than mine.
    What an interesting theme for atc's! You are right... every family has some secrets. I never though of them as sparks for creativity... Thanks for the idea.

  4. what an interesting idea... i like it! these are wonderfull... and just wondering if you got my message yet.. maybe it went to your junkmail! :)

  5. Huhuu! =) Hieno sarja tämä. Olikos tuo Lakiasioita vielä vapaa? Minkäpäteemaisen haluaisit minulta ja digitaalisen vai käsintehdyn? Mulla menee kyllä varmaan ensi viikkoon, kun olen nyt pari päivää poissa ja sitten on pari ATC:tä tehtävinä ma ja ti mennessä.