Wednesday, August 1, 2007

happy birthday, Leo!

And happy birthday to me! (I'm a Leo.) Will you just look at this cake! Made of five layers, tons of fresh garden raspberries (and cream and chocolate) - yumm-o!

all pics click for bigger
What else is to be expected when my birthday horoscope reads:
" Your dreams seem to have the chance of becoming reality. (Um, the cake?) You may encounter a situation where your behavior will be judged. (Eating the cake?)
The card was made using cutouts from a very vintage magazine, even the horoscope is from the 50's.

See, even our kitchen buddha seems mildly amused. Have a bite, too!


  1. Oh, man...sure wish I was there to share in the festivities...and the cake. Happy birthday! Love your artwork and thank you for your kind comments on my blog.

  2. oh happy birthdy to you! that looks like awsome cake... yum...
    and you should totally try making some little dresses like i did... its fun!

  3. Oh happy birthday for yesterday!!

    I'm a Leo too, so hope my cake will look just as nice. :oD