Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Merry Antoinette

A dress she might have been most delighted in. Great for strolls in the garden and mid-morning tea!
Or maybe it is for the garden faerie? Her best dress, used for dancing at sunrise, or in the deep shadows of the midday.

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Bodice and dress are paper. Bodice was embossed to a flower shape, dusted a bit with pixie powder. It looked somewhat spare, so I went ahead and sewed four silk flowers and some sequins on. The narrow velvet straps are sewn on with gold thread.

Dress "fabric" was made by gessoing a pink tissue paper, then doubling it over. After hardening it could be cut and sewn. The bottom was cut frilly with "heirloom blade" scissors. The center has a canary stained copy of an old hand-written document.

The flower garlands are cut from "Mini Craft Pack" cover envelopes. (I am such a thrifter - but again, if it can be used, why trash it?) I felt like the bottom needed some decoration, so I quickly snipped a tiny lace bow from my panties (knickers to you all English-speaking folks).

I wish I had those little frou-frou hangers that Sheri has managed to find at her local flea market. Lacking those, I made my own. (Hmm, a bit crooked.) I "padded" the hanger with a paper napkin and attached some gold wire for hook.
The dress is about 20cm /8" high, the hanger measures 9cm/3.5" sideways.

And I totally credit Sheri for this dress. I was so inspired by her lovely frou-frou dresses! Thanks for the inspiration!


  1. oh i loooooooooove your dresses.... your welcome for the nomination... and i say AGAIN , ANYTIME YOU WANNA SWAP please let me know! also i was thinking of making my own hangers... i only found 5 of those little wooden ones. if i think of somthing ill send you some!

  2. oh i didnt see you already made your own! theyre awsome! im so glad to inspire... but you just totally made it your own! i love it! you hafta make more! hmmm maybe we could start an altered frou frou dresses swap... i mean for anyone... whaddya think?

  3. Love the idea of the frou-frou dress swap! Yes, let's!

  4. oh woooooowwwww!!!!!
    (haluatko olla ekana mun hippi decossa?)

  5. WOW this dress is awesome
    LOve it

  6. ok well do you want to host it together? or do you wanna be the lady in charge of getting it started and ill just help ya promote it? ok looke my email is sherimarie13@hotmail.com let me know what your thinking for a frou-frou dress swap...