Thursday, August 9, 2007

no mojo here either

It has been too hot to sit in my little studio under the eaves of this yellow house.

Instead, I placed my chair into the deepest shadows of the garden, and made some jewelry. I like this simple pendant necklace.
new jade (green quartz), peridot, carnelian, apatite and sterling silver
This is the third day a thunderstorm has been predicted but has not arrived. It is unbearably hot and humid, just like on the East Coast. We have never owned an AC, so you can imagine what we put up with every summer. And we thought the High North would be different... Oh pu-h-lease!

Maybe I should do a rain dance? (And shock the neighbors to no end! )


  1. You have a charming studio! I can imagine how hot it can get there...
    Thank you for visiting my blog. You don't have an email so this is the only way I can answer you. You can find ATC sleeves in any trading card store or order it from eBay and etsy. They don't cost a lot at all and I find that way easier. Hope you'll try making the holder. :-)

  2. Wow! Nice studio.... and beautiful necklace! Well I've tagged you to tell us all 5 random things!

  3. If you do the dance, please try to make the rain not to come too south! I want to have my sun shine here in Helsinki :)