Friday, August 3, 2007

vintage horoscopes

Good morning Gemini, Cancer and Virgo! These are for you.

Gemini: You have to work with a thing you know very little about and this causes you some worry. The downward spiral in your finances will stop.

Cancer: (Comic reads: We have nothing in common, you like girls, I like boys.)
Be wary of romantic star-bursts. You are being tempted into something foreign and unknown to you. It is prudent to just say no.

Virgo: Fate brings a person into your life, with whom a longer acquaintance seems possible. You make a surprising discovery that keeps puzzling you.

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  1. Fab cards again! :oD

    Re the IT kit - go to for details.

    I really like the contents, but unfortunately postage is quite high what with the recent increases in the States. But it is super luuuush!!!