Wednesday, August 8, 2007

with wings

Heather is calling for fantasies with wings. Drooling over her gorgeous blog candy, I decided to do an entry. Well, this is what I came up with. I doubt, though, that they'll qualify as fantasies, they look pretty sturdy and down to earth to me!

What you staring at! Never seen a Faerie before? (traded)

If I wish real hard, will I be a Faerie, too?

Sheri over at Blended Colors has awarded me the Nice Matters Award. It made me feel so special, I mean I haven't even been blogging that long! I guess it's my turn now... This is hard, I read so many nice matters-worthy blogs! Some of them have been nominated already. I shall pass the niceness over to:

Vasilisa - reading your blog is like coming to a warm and loving home

krafty kitty - for your refreshing quirky felted creatures

magenta - for fantastic, beautiful experimenting

tikkelperi - art done with soul

pia k. - everything is beautiful here!

Please visit them and admire their awsome work!

Friendship Swap is into its' second week. Nesse spoiled me with lovely papers, stickers, a shape puncher, a funny key fib and some licorice. Thanks, Nesse, you made my day!


  1. ohh wow, thank you very much!!! :)

  2. i just put a message on your last post about doin a frou-frou dress swap... are you thinking it would be fun to involve anyone interested? and also i think your wrong... i really really need to take an acrylics painting class! seriously!

  3. and i like your faerie pieces a lot!

  4. these are funny :)
    And thank you so much for the award!!

  5. Joo, vaihdetaan vaan! Pöllö on varattu sulle :) Oliskos sulla kortteja vapaana ja oliskos jompikumpi keiju vapaa. Aivan ihanat kumpainenkin! Laitatkos mailia osoitteeseen niin sovitaan tarkemmin zanape at gmail dot com

  6. Thank you ever so much for the award!