Monday, August 13, 2007

yes, dear

ArtsyMama's blog party last week has created some nice ripple effects. I have been surfing the sites, and got stuck at artjunkgirl's inchies and her inchie tutorial. Bait, hook, sinker. Her inchies are lovely, and she has over 600 of them already. Go take a look if you are not familiar with her gorgeous work!

Here is my first attempt following the instructions. I had a 50's magazine to play with, and somehow it all came together. You can almost make a couple of short stories with these tiles.

we thought of - have a glass of - fun - perfect
a bit stubborn - way to lose weight - healthy and nourishing - thin in spite of goodies
I'm sure - just right - they went for a walk - quite so
yes, dear - enjoy a good meal without guilt. Hold a few Corrigan-days a week and... - healthy and simple - yes...?

Weekend scavenging (read: local flea market) yielded a treasure. Real Life Stories from the year 1932. Yesss!
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  1. your inchies are just gorgeous.
    love the fifties that you brought to life. My niece thinks a wall collage of inchies would be awesome! :)

  2. Kiitos kehuista. Hyvin kauniita kortteja täälläkin.
    Thank you very much for the beautiful words. Very nice cards in here too.

  3. i love your inchies... you know i never made inchies until i found artjunkgirl either! its fun right? just wondering if you got my email? sheri

  4. Thank you for the award! You have made really wonderful pictures. I love it that they have stories to tell. Impressive!

  5. Love your inchies!!! I am jealous of the magazine find--they look wonderful!!

    Your blog is great! So is your art! I am bookmarking you too!

    Thank you for the comment on my blog--I don't normally do "cute", so I am very insecure about it. Thank you!


  6. These are super-stylish! I love kitsch 50's images. They are fun to make aren't they?