Wednesday, September 5, 2007

before and after, and some stamps

There was a lot of positive feedback on the backgrounds done for this week's TMTA, so I thought I'd share the technique. Actually, it's nothing very new, I've already shared it a while back, - it is curiosity prompt #2 -technique by ArtsyMama.

This is what I started with for those atc's. A sheet of watercolor paper (one corner already cut out for a previous atc).
And here is the finished sheet. The commands are listed top to bottom.
Notice the first two! It is hard to start with scratch followed by sand - thank goodness I had a background to start working with!

And here is what I cut out for cards. (You're right, one is still waiting for an image...)

Last night I carved some simple, basic stamps. Unfortunately my rubber stamp material is very soft and I can't get any thin shapes made, they'd break. I'd love to have finer scrolls, for one. Or dainty damselflies... Has any of you tried carving their own? If you have a tip on tools, I'd be very pleased! I'm thinking some kind of dentist tools would work, small round carvind heads and the like. Lino tools are just very rough.

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  1. Mitä materiaalia olet käyttänyt? En kuvasta hoksaa. Itsellä myös ollut mielessä... Olen joskus kokeillut kumiin ja perunaan :)