Monday, September 3, 2007

TMTA / men

Exhibit A

Think Monday - think men! Ooh, this was hard! There are a lot of men in my life, but most of them fail to capture my interest. And those who do, I would never exhibit publicly. Wait - exhibiting men - men as exhibits - men as a species... yes!
And because the Exhibit A card alone is only half of the story, here are two that give you the big picture. (Tongue in cheek, I admit!)

everything clicks for big. - And sorry about the glue, still wet, making the flower look untidy!


  1. Fab ATC with a very interesting background!

  2. Nice ones! And I also like your backgrounds very much. Thank you for your "delicious recollection" and the extras: just my colours on them!

  3. Really fun & fantastic backgrounds.

  4. I'm not so good at altered art but I am in awe of anyone who creates beautiful things... you obviously have a talent for it... your atc's are both fabulous. Thanks for sharing :)
    chris xx

  5. It might have been hard but "you did good"! Seriously, they are all great.