Monday, September 10, 2007

TMTA / slide mounts

I have always found slide mounts to be very challenging. You don't want to use them for nothing and be trivial about them. They are very powerful. I have practically never (ok, once) used them, just because I never feel I am using them right. Now, of course there isn't a right or a wrong way about them, officially, but for me, personally, it rarely has felt right to highlight any given aspect the way they do. Plus they are really sizable!

Ok, enough about my ambivalencies. Thanks to TMTA, I dared myself to use slide mount.

Quelle annee? Back when we were friends (Join the Ladies)

A story of two friends, and what happened next. Your guess is good as mine! I came up with three possible endings. Let's hear yours!


  1. Brilliant use of the slidemount.
    I generally ink mine with alcohol inks & tie ribbon & bits to them, but time was short tonight.

  2. Hi Alice...I received your beautiful ATC today, and all the wonderful extra goodies you put in the envelope - Thank you so much! In case you want to look, I blogged about it at:

    You did a good job with the slide nount, your new ATC turned out great! Kat :)

  3. Love vintage and love your ATC. Gorgeous! Hugs, Gayle.

  4. Oh wow! Gorgeous! Love the vintage text pages. =)


  5. beautiful stylish vintage look!

  6. Brillant! Great composition! Wonderful colours!

  7. Oh Alice, so glad that you dared. You have used the slide mount to vintage looking with its accompanying elements.