Sunday, October 7, 2007

Forgot your birthday!

4x4 Friday
is calling for Men. I purchased a bag of stamps at ebay, the funniest stamps, I'm telling you! How about this: A clear conscience is usually a sign of bad memory. Yep! I forgot your birthday, but my conscience is clear.
Well, there won't be many occasions for using it, but here it fits! On the background another gel transfer - yay, this was fun!

Saturday Stampers is prompting us to show a different point of view (DPOV) by using the same stamp on different pieces. I stamped the funny saying about the clear conscience on a piece of watercolor painted paper, then cut it in three random pieces and used as background on three moo cards.

I also used up the surplus of the musical notes. This version could be used as a greeting, the letters on bottom spell hei - hi in English.


  1. Wow wonderful things. Great work.

  2. Fabulous stuff!Gorgeous collage & colour.
    You could just ink a part of that quote & miss of the birthday bit & use it here & there.

  3. Heips, uskaltauduin kirjoittamaan suomeksi...koska olit kommentoinut suomeksi. Vaihdoin juuri Flickriin tekstin noihin kuviin, että vaihdan samankokoisiin. Onko sulla jossain vaihturit näytillä.

    Laita emailia ansku60 ät

  4. both the 4x4 and the moo cards are great

  5. WOW great quote, I love that, both gorgeous pieces too, absolutely love them. thanks for joining.
    Kaz :-)

  6. I love both these pieces .. well done

  7. Great 4 x 4 and fun Moo cards as well. My first visit to your blog.....lots of nice things to see:)

  8. 2 different looks and approaches. Great work!

  9. Love both pieces, what a great bag of stamps:)