Monday, October 1, 2007

Gothic Arch / vacation

Here is my take on Gothic Arch challenge: an arch embedded in a 4x4.

Having a Fine Time

My absolute favorite place is Montauk. It is at the very end of Long Island, also called The End. There is a wonderful lighthouse at Montauk Point, and you can walk miles and miles along the white sands. In fact, we once did walk all the way to Amagansett. From there on you could walk to Hamptons, then to Long Beach, then Brighton Beach on Coney Island (Brooklyn) - a trip that takes 4 hours by train. That is the extent of sandy shoreline! I find it world's best kept secret. No need for exotic destinations, not for me.
I toyed with the idea of sprinkling the background with real Montauk sand (which I fill each year in found little bottles from the beach, funny me!) - but in the end I just settled for sand colored textured paper.
This is my happy place. Loved this challenge!


  1. Love your arch -- the waves and swimmer especially. Your description left me seriously wanting to be there, too!

  2. wow.. what a fab story behing this arch.. really love it :o)

  3. love the details of this. the lighthouse is my favorite! fantastic!

  4. That's a fantastic idea, love it.

  5. Great idea. Love the sea as a theme.

  6. So nice to see and hear about your favorite place. I'd like to walk along that path also.