Friday, October 12, 2007


Inspire Me Thursday came up with a fabulous theme: hats. We all wear many hats, trying to fit our art world into our daily world, but this lady has a head to go with each one, it seems. She's not taking part in Twisted Tuesdays, though, I have another one coming for their headless challenge.

Hats just look so much more chic with French titles, don't you think so too?

Wearing Many Hats


  1. We all wear many hats??
    Not this lady!!
    But nice.
    Greetz from Holland

  2. Tres jolie!!!
    Really like that!!!

  3. Hi Alice - Great hats, and you're right, the French words so make them much more chic, LOL!

    Forgot to tell you last time, we can trade blog links, list me as ArtKat, here's the address:

    Thanks! :)

  4. Lovely, the text looks like lables you would find inside children's school hats :)

  5. I love the petite toque - and the french words! just great!!

    I was going to take part in the headless challenge, but just cant produce anything worth showing!!!

  6. Have you read the sequel to The Wizard of Oz? There's a queen who has a room with 365 heads. She can "wear" a different head each day, so she always wears the same dress. Your picture reminded me of that book.

    I really love your art! I wish I'll come up with something worthwhile one day so that I swap something with you.

  7. This is awesome! ...and so unique. It reminds me of the tams I used to wear in the winter. They were my standard hat. Hmm...I might just look for one this winter. Thans for the inspiration!

  8. Yes! C'est tres bon. Everything sounds better in French too.

  9. Nice card. And everything does sound better en français!