Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dancing in Paris

Kollaasimania's this week's challenge is Dance / Moulin Rouge. A ribbon or twine has to be incorporated. Now, I think Moulin Rouge is associated with the recent film where there was a lot of couple dancing, rather than with the famous revue hall sporting scantily clad women kicking their legs up in unison (like Radio City Music Hall, just with more skin).

So, I found this couple from 1910's. There is a look of real pleasure on the woman's face (though not really visible here). It doesn't feel - like so many photographs in any era - like she was posing. Imagine how it must have been: the lights are bright, the decorations fancy, you feel the music, the heat, the noise, other dancers bumping into you, you twirl and move and dance the night away.

Cheek to cheek in Paris
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  1. Lovely colour in the background. I like those dancers posture, too.