Sunday, June 14, 2015

Male of the Species

Men! How infuriating they are at times! They will know everything better! At least this guy thinks he does:

Background is a magazine cutting (of lovely bedsheets!), which I sanded heavily and stamped lightly with grey ink and a scroll stamp. Other elements are cut from purchased papers, and then there are found words that fit the expression on the man's face.
The Three Muses inspired me to take a look at male behaviour, so I am entering this into their current challenge. I made another ATC, this gentleman is a bit more philosophical than the first one:

Here the background is a vintage textured writing paper, I believe they were called linen paper for some reason. I used colored pencils, drew lines every which way in several colors, lastly gave it a light wash with watercolors. Face is pilfered from a artist supply catalog, and words are from the same book as above.
Thanks for looking!

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