Thursday, July 30, 2015

Reach for the Stars

Every year I make myself something for my birthday. Most times it is jewelry, sometimes a knitted something. One year I was so into knitting that I made myself knitted bangles.

When Steampunk challenge announced their summer tic-tac-toe I knew I wanted to do the row with the leather prompt. I have been wanting a leather bangle for some time now. There are nice ones around, on Etsy (to buy), or on Pinterest (to drool over).

After a few false starts and "not-feeling-it's" my bangle is now finished. (Just in time for tomorrow.)

I started by cutting off a piece from the roll, then sanding the edges and bending it to shape.

Then I took my leather remnants and this dark celestial navy was talking to me. I paired it with a round shape from an electronic something-or-other (picked from the street no doubt). Since there would be heavy cardboard between the leather and my wrist I decided I could go with regular brads and eyelets.

Then came the part I was not looking forward to. I am no friend of words on jewelry. But as this had started to look like night sky with a moon, and I was using start brads and eyelets, and as I will be wearing it in fall when I start my studies in earnest - all this made me pick ad astra (Reach for the Stars).
I used metallic inks, Adirondack Dabber paint in Copper and Archival Brilliance Pearlescent Sky Blue.

The letters didn't make a good impression on suede. This suits me fine, the letters are more abstract now, though still readable.
 For closure I threaded through black leather ribbon. There are hematite beads, copper beads,  a copper charm I made in a copper craft class,

there is also a silver peace sign and word. I rubbed the word in with copper paint.

Participating in Steampunk Challenge Great Summer Special with this. I picked the row: Leather - Metal - Words.


  1. Gorgeous - and so lovely to have some wearable art which is so meaningful for you.
    Alison x

  2. Onneksi olkoon sekä syntymäpäivän johdosta että hienosta lahjasta. Siitä tuli tosi kaunis ja persoonallinen. Pakko varastaa idea tuosta aloitusrenkaasta :-)

    Linnuton puu -kortit ovat myös todella kauniita ja mieleisiäni.

    1. Ota toki idea käyttöösi, helppo ja hauska tapa tehdä rannerengas. Kiitos onnentoivotuksista!

  3. Gorgeous, what a fantastic idea! Many thanks for playing with us at our Summer Challenge at SASPC.

  4. Belated happy birthday and what a fabulous present you made yourself!!!!

    I love your bangle and I know exactly how much bliss it is when the materials you work with "talk to you" and take you on a journey. Your finished project shows it perfectly!

    Thank you so much for sharing this special project with us at SanDee&amelie's Steampunk Challenges!

    Claudia x