Saturday, May 21, 2016

All splashed up / Purkitetut lapset

I love found words. When you leaf through a book with an open mind, forgetting about the persons and the story in the book you can put together a whole different story.
Words are never just words, they are the connotations they create - and depending on our cultural background this connotation might be totally different than what 'the sender' had in mind. What I love most is connecting words with pictures -  the way the words are able to transport a visual image to another level is just pure magic.
But enough of my mini lecture (can you tell I have been reading Stuart Hall and Roger Chartier and their ideas on cultural representation?)... let's move on to the pictures.

We'll have a quiz: If there was a mason jar larger than yourself and you were for some reason inside it - how would you react? With anger? Frustration? Fear? Joy?
Let's see what these children made of their experience:

They have very different temperaments which means their reactions differ vastly. This girl is either happy or sad, for she says: "I want to be alone." (Yes, there you see an example of cultural connotation. The wish for solitude is for Finns a happy thing, we like being alone, most of the time.)

This child is thinking hard. "I thought desperately what one is supposed to do in a situation like this." So we see her knocking on the glass, hoping the bird can offer some help.

 And here is one who exited of the new situation: "This is shaping up to be so cool!" No worries there, then.

Purkitetut lapset syntyivät kun pöydälläni ajalehti kahden kokoisia leimoja. Sain juuri lahjaksi sekä purkin että lintuleimat. Purkkileimaa olenkin pitkään toivonut ja nyt eräs amerikankävijä toi sen minulle. Sairas mieleni sulkee purkkiin hillon sijasta kaikenlaista muuta... Mutta ei hätää, nämä lapset ovat kyllä neuvokkaita ja pääsevät pois. Reipas kirja merimiehistä ja heidän seikkailuistaan auttoi lauseiden teossa.

The background was done with Ranger inks. I use CD box for this. I 'inked' it with three colors (crushed olive, Victorian velvet, Broken china), spritzed some water on it and pulled my watercolor paper through. Afterwards I sprayed the paper with some similar inks. Everything else is stamped. I especially love my children stamps with their 30's/40's vintage look, from Flonzcraft.

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  1. These are BEYOND fabulous! I adore how each one tells a story and I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the importance of words. It IS an interesting thought of how one would react if put in a Mason jar and it was fun to see the interpretations of each of your cute little characters. I think I'd like it for a little while (alone-time can be good), but then I would start to feel antsy and crazy (the don't fence me in mentality). This post was so fun to read and your artwork, as always, is phenomenal!

    1. Thank you Andrea. The jars and differents reactions could go on indefinitely. I myself would have a panic reaction if the lid was tight.

  2. Beautiful artwork and wonderful stories to go along with it.

  3. Lovely designs and super stamping and inking, many thanks for joining us at Vintage Stamping Challenges.

    I have some Tattered Lace goodies to be won here

    Have a good Sunday.

    B x

  4. Wow Alice. These are WONDERFUL. What lovely backgrounds and colors - looks so vintage. Definitely thought provoking. I would be just fine in a mason jar - I like being along and watching the things around me. HOWEVER... I would like to have my journal and some paints!!! Thanks bunches for joining our 'Hit the Books' challenge at OUR CREATIVE CORNER. j.

  5. Great ATCs, I love the inky backgrounds and the story behind each one, so creative - Thanks so much for joining us at Fashionable Stamping..Esther xx

  6. A fantastic set of cards, awesome backgrounds. thank you for sharing them with us at TioT's this time.

  7. Really great job! I loove it! Hugs. Maria

  8. Fabulous stories and designs! What wonderful backgrounds and colours to your ATCs. Thank you for sharing them with us at Our Creative Corner for our Hit the Books Challenge. Jennie

  9. Gorgeous! Love all about them: the background, colours and the images! Thanks for sharing them with us at TioT this time.

  10. I truly enjoyed your post and artwork! Breathtaking! Thank you for sharing with us at Fashionable Stamping Challenge!