Friday, August 17, 2007

magic de paris

- oops! Wednesday Stamper challenge asked for stitching, and I was delighted. Stitching is right up my alley. But in the end didn't remember that stamping is mandatory. (Or so I presume.) Oh well. So these ATC's are just about stitching.

Magic de Paris
You have clear step-by-step instructions to make a button-hole. So why, then, won't mine ever look like this? Ever! It's magic, sheer magic, and best left to the connoisseurs.

Diminutive Motifs
We call them ditsies in pattern design. And this lady is, well kind of, ditsy. Sorry, Rein if she's your relative - in that case she is merely goofy... The photo is from plezier met papier's Monday morning pictures. Yes, I'm doing a second one - just to celebrate her blog birthday!

Ps: Sorry for the terribly pale shots - it's dark and overcast today.