Sunday, August 5, 2007

time atc's

Over at DCM they have a time-challenge. And it happens to coincide with an atc swap of the same theme hosted by Sandy.
I made the atc's today. These are actually my first ever! I instantly fell in love with the format. It's small, smaller than I would do a greeting card, but still substantial.

So this is what I came up with. I started thinking of the various times of the year. Yes, there are the seasons, but I don't mean those. I mean the time when berries get ripe and you make jams and compotes (it is a big deal in Austria, it's called Einmachzeit). The card tells you: boil them up, puree them, it is time already.In Finland, on the other hand, they love wild mushrooms, so there is a name for the time when mushrooms get ripe. (sieniaika)
By the way, some are cropping up already, but if the weather continues half sunny, half rainy, there will be a bumper crop in a few weeks!
And of course, the clock says tic-toc.

And time flows. (No, here in the North it doesn't fly, it just meanders along like a lazy river.)

clickety-click, click pics for big - as always!


  1. You did wonderful for your first time, you seem like an old pro. Nita

  2. your atc's are wonderfull.... and they are your first? thanx for the advice about my banner... i had somone make my blog banner so i dont have the same things they used , in order to make my etsy banner. i probably could get them to make that too... i dont know.... and you are totally right about the roses for the "wedding dress".... i happen to have some to use!
    so do you do a lot of cooking with the mushrooms?

  3. These are lovely, really unique! I like the story behind each seasonal food as well.

  4. Great work Alice - very different but lovely.

  5. Thanks you guys!
    Sheri, I don't like mushrooms at all...! But I understand they are a great delicacy.

  6. These are all brilliant, love the strawberries

  7. Fantastic ATC's Alice!
    love how you've used the theme in so many clever ways!

  8. Wow, very clever! great work!


  9. Fabulous ATC's. Im relatively new to them so its always great to see other people's examples.

  10. Welcome to DCM.
    So many wonderful cards, great to have you joining in the fun.