Friday, September 28, 2007

DCM / frames - and more Moos!

A frame! I have hard time fitting frames onto my atc's. I always admire everyone who can do it. How come they look so good, what is the magic? So, anyway, now that DCM is calling for frames in their latest challenge, I seriously wanted to put a frame on my atc. Started with a slide frame - nope, too massive. Proceeded to an even 8mm frame - it looked silly. Finally went with a super thin black line around the picture - now that's still a frame, isn't it!

Fill me with Dreams
tech: on a scan of an original design by moi I stamped a poem. The blings above and below the photo are cut from an embellishment that came off a blingy shirt from the early 90's. In real life they shine like poured silver!

And just because...
I love Moos! Here are three more.

7261 - 4874 - remember

It was my day off, and I had perfect time. First: long breakfast. Then four hours of cleaning up my studios (yes, it is a plural) which had become dangerously cluttered in the last hectic weeks. After that I had a languid lunch, did an hour of art, after which I raked some leaves and dug up the rhubarb for replanting. After dinner I did some more art. Sometimes life flows very nicely! I am all rested and can face the weekend (=work).


  1. Gorgeous, a very vintage feel.:)

  2. your moos are lovely!

  3. Love the moo's and the DCM is gorgeous, fab images :o)

  4. Fab frame card & more gorgeous moo cards.

  5. I love all your Moo Cards - what a lovely range!

  6. These are great, love the papers you used, the cards are lovely.

  7. Beatutiful - you've got to work at the scale you've got to work at so if a thin black line makes a great frame then why not?!

  8. Lovely ATC, and your tenuous link to a frame is fab! I can never fit anything onto ATCs so trying a slide frome must have been impossible!

  9. Gorgeous!!! what pretty cards!


  10. Sorry I'm late.
    Yes its still a frame. Gorgeous card, thanks for joining in with my dare.