Wednesday, September 26, 2007

DCM midweek challenge

I felt like doing something for it, all the more since TMTA is really tough this week - it seems like nothing makes me smile these days (work is hectic, weather is dark). Maybe little silly things would, but then my atc might look like a funny ad. (Hmm, now there is a thought...)

Anyways, here is my take on DCM's transportation- themed midweek challenge. But would you know it, even here I could think of nothing positive!

Everywhere, 1938 Chevrolet Sedan (Alt Orsova, Belgrad, Uzice)

Can you tell I'm in a dark mood? I'll put it up anyway, maybe someone likes some gloom. Hey, isn't Halloween fast approaching?!

Also, I'd finally like to start working on my link list. There are loads of blogs I visit on a weekly basis and plenty of people visit me. I'd be thrilled to exchange links with my frequent visitors. Please drop a note, I'll be starting doing the links on the weekend!


  1. This is fabby! Love the butterfly wings on the car.

    I know how you feel. Work is quite depressing, its dark oh so early & that is why I make myself create something every day because it fills me with light & makes me smile. It is also dark in the morning now & I used to do a bit of creative time before work. I leave home 7.30am so I best go fix breakfast!!!

  2. Love the colours here Alice.

    Sorry to hear things are miserable for you - we'll have to think of a lovley sunny challenge for you I think!

  3. Really well put together - it's a beautiful work of art.

  4. Great the image!