Monday, October 15, 2007

Ring-robin ATC's

These ATC's have gone through five participants. I was the last, so I did the finishing touches. Some of them needed a lot of work, while with one I was at a loss what to do, since it felt finished. Well, I added my touch, anyway.
Too bad I didn't take pics of before and after, only after, it would have been nice to compare.

Piki, our hostess should receive them today, so I don't think I'm spoiling anyone's joy. She'll also make a drawing and send each participant one ATC.
I have two favorite cards, and cross your fingers for me - maybe it is my lucky day!

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  1. Oi, kaikki korttisi ovat upeita, en osaa valita...Yllätä minut, laitan Innocentin sinulle varaukseen ja huomenna postiin.