Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday Stampers: Winter

The winter solstice is drawing on. It's a starry night, the air is biting cold. Indoors it is very warm and stuffy, the candles and oil lamps give warmth as well as light. Adele feels like going out for a walk. She puts on her fur-brimmed coat (her next-to-best) and strolls out into the garden. The young man, who had wanted several dances with her, follows Adele outside.

The stars are shining, the snow is falling in soft petal-like clusters. The young man falls on his knees and recites: En voisant le bonheur au fond des yeux scrilles, Le coeur dans le regard une etoile, brille.
The meaning is beyond Adele, she has never been too good in French. She is annoyed and doesn't hesitate to show it. - Sir, would you care to use plain English so we may all understand. - Certainly, Miss Adele. I see the happiness in your eyes, and compare it to the brilliance of the stars.
What was it about the heart? Adele has caught this one word, coeur. The young man coughs. Hm, hm, Miss Adele, the French language is too delicate to be translated fully, it has to be understood - with your heart. He grabs Adele's hand and presses it to his heart. Adele feels delicious little shivers along her spine. - Oh, I do love the winter! she breathes, rather incoherently.

Saturday Stamper' Challenge: Winter

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  1. Moi!
    Vaihtaisin mielelläni sen Out of her mind korttini. Oisko näistä joku vapaa: masked and hidden, everywhere/Chevrolet, wearing many hats tai merry or what? Laita mulle vaikka sähköpostia taas!

  2. What a winter dream. Great, abolutly great.

  3. this is gorgeous, and I love your little story. very romantic.
    Kaz x

  4. What a charmer :0) Great style love it.

  5. Wonderful piece, Alice. Funnily it reminds me of an Ally Mcbeal episode where she walks in lots of snowfall.

  6. Yes, I remember that Ally McBeal episode, used to watch them religiously. And you are quite right, they are both quite pouty!

  7. oooo this is so gorgeous, love the look:)

  8. Lovely card, Alice - and it has it's own story, too! Great work! :)