Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday couples

I'm still rolling on... Made some interesting backgrounds, and used some for these cards.
Clearly it is couples day!

Vaaralliset aseet (I'm not scared of men like him, unless, of course, he carries some terrible weapons.) traded
found words, gessoed paper, gel transfer (gone bad), background color sponged on directly with the ink pad

Kuiskaus (Whispering loudly: I had to return)

Words from a third-rate play. The background is my thriftiness... I always keep a sheet of printer paper under my work in progress. A good and reliable catchall for any overflow ink, or stamping, trying out pens, doodling, and especially all that excess glue. The glue gives the paper a nice shiny surface, and this takes sponged ink from ink pads beautifully.

Robbery. A play in 4 Acts
Torn papers, sponged in with ink pads, then stamped with the same inks, some lavender tissue paper, found words (from a list of plays)

all pics click for bigger!


  1. ok these are all awsome... all of your previous posts that I have just now gotten to see are awsome.. .life has gotten crazy so all i've been doin is posting new work ... not had time to say hi to anyone... i love all your newest work!

  2. I love these, they are so zany! I like all the bright colours you're using - gives it a really camp feel, reminds me of hamming-it-up actors, really fun!!! Way to go!