Tuesday, February 5, 2008

MMM/ swirls and flourishes

Mixed Media Monday has the best challenge to ease me in: swirls and flourishes. Yes!

The background has been stamped with a swirly pattern, even though it's not apparent at first sight. I used a really coarse foam stamp and dabbed it thickly with cream acrylic paint. The background paper is old sewing pattern paper - love that stuff! You can achieve such nice gradation with it. Plus it's got quirky words. Like this one: 3UP. No idea what it means, but I incorporated it in the composition.

Pieni (Small)
clicks for big!


  1. Wow this is gorgeous. Great background. Love it.

  2. Lovely Alice! I love old pattern paper too. Diane

  3. Alice, I love the subtle swirls--unlike my rather busy piece. The old pattern paper looks like something fun to try!

  4. Wonderful, I love it.

  5. Wow goregous piece! Love everything about it