Saturday, March 1, 2008


The theme this week on Saturday Surprise is Fragile. Which lead me to think of a bird's song. And spring, the most fragile season, alternating between snow and sunshine, warm and cold.

Tulip Song
On technique:
Tulips were stamped onto tissue, and attached with copious amounts of decoupage glue. This makes the surface slightly slippery. I then stamped dark green dots all over and smudged them. The tulips were colored in with cream colored acrylics, and, when dry, chalked in with pink pastel.
After glueing on the bird and the musical notes, and stamping the flourishes, I covered the whole picture with decoupage glue. It dries on colorless, protects the chalks and gives the piece a nice satin finish.


  1. Kävin laittaa sulle sähköpostia, että en pääse tänään tulemaan!

  2. Kiva kortti ja tausta on aivan ihana! Itse olen käyttänyt samaa tekniikkaa myöskin kankaalle; decoupage lakan sijasta käytän kankaalle tehdessäni väritöntä kankaanpainopastaa "liimana". Esim. blogissani olevan sydänhernepussin kangas on kuvioitu näin, samoin Wannabe tiger-atc:n tausta.

  3. Kerta kaikkiaan ihana tuo tausta! Hieno kokonaisuus.

  4. What a lovely piece, it was so interesting seeing the technique and how you arrived at the finished art. Beautiful!