Sunday, November 16, 2008

How Kitchen equals Love

Saturday Surprise has Kitchen as a theme this week. Kitchen led me think of food, and from food my thoughts wandered to a book by a Latin American author (forget her name now), roughly with the title "You only get called once to table and to bed" - which of course led me to think of love, and longing.

The tomatoes in the colander read "kitchen", but did you know tomatoes were also called Love Apples, back when they were first introduced to Europe? They were said to enhance the libido, and were generally thought of as fruit, not vegetable.

Here, then, is my take on SS Kitchen. Enjoy!


On technique:
Background is a post card advertising a summer street fair in my town. I scratched it with a coarse sandpaper, then smeared it with some acrylic paint, which I
partly wiped off. The same method was applied to the tomatoes in the colander. I just love this technique, it's great for altering and getting an aged and matte surface.