Saturday, June 13, 2015

Red shoes are not only for dancing...

... but they'll make any day extraordinary. Wear red shoes one day and see what happens. You'll feel different and surprising things will happen to you.
An extraordinary night
Punaiset kengät ovat tanssimista varten. Tai jos ei tanssimista, niin ainakin ne jalassa kokee erilaisia asioita kuin muutoin.
Kollaasi ja maalaus valokuvan päälle, Kengissä glitterimaalia ja "timangi". Vapaana vaihtoon.

Wicked Wednesdays ATC-challenge asks us to use words. Entering this also into Collage Obsession with their open challenge this week.


  1. What a great ATC Alice! I remember my red shoes, although I haven't worn them for years! Love the shading and highlighting on her legs, well done! hugs :)

    1. My mother always had a pair of red shoes in her closet, still does. I picked up the habit, although I need to bring out mine out of hibernation...

  2. Fabulous! Thanks so much for playing along with us at Wicked Wednesday. :)

  3. Wow great ATC! Thanks for joining us at Wicked Wednesday this week!

  4. Love your ATC. Good advice, I think I will try it - thanks :) Thanks for joining us at Wicked Wednesday :)