Friday, May 13, 2016

Letting out some steam / Päästelen höyryjä

A series of steampunk cards with dapper gents and lots of gleaming copper...

They live in the best of all possible worlds. The Victorian age firmly believed they had come to the end of history, everything was just perfect and hardly could be improved upon.

Gas light, electric light, steam engines...
railways and hot air balloons,
huge machines working with steam power - uniting coal and water in an exiting, unprecedented way. All that noise and clamor meant progress. 'We hold the keys to the future' is what these gents are clearly thinking.
entering into:
Emerald Creek: B-words (brass, brad)
Anything but Cute: #13 Celebrate your style
Crafty Individuals: May anything goes with CI product (gents)
Steampunk challenge: anything goes May

I left out some steam of my own (ha ha). I had too many scraps on my table! I got tired of looking at them and glued them all onto cards:

I needn't have bothered with color coordinating, because next I coated them with black gesso:

When they were dry I painted over with blue, purple, turq and olive, then rubbed in some gold:

I made some other cards the same way (more about them some other day) - now my desktop is almost clean...

Sain kohtauksen kun pöytäni ajelehti täynnä paperisilppua. Liimasin kaikki pienet silput korttipohjiin, päälle mustaa gessoa ja sen kuivuttua hieroin päälle tummia sävyjä. Itse asiassa oli täysin kannattamatonta tehdä pohjat tällä metodilla (vaikka lopputulos olikin kiva), nimittäin pohjan silput ovat ihan näkymättömissä. Ainoa 'hyöty' on, että pohja on epätasainen ja sehän tuo tietenkin hieman elävyyttä.
Lisänä kaikenlaista tilpehööriä, kuten esim, ruosteinen ruuvi, ohutta kuparilankaa (kadulta löytynyttä) ja ruskea kiekko jollaisia tipahtelee ilotulitusraketeista. Tämäkin haisi vielä ruudille. (Kortit jäävät itselle mutta voin tehdä niille sisaruskortteja jos kiinnostusta on.)


  1. Alice, YAY! its awesome to see you at the dares this week. and this project is fabulous and delightful! Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Your makes are so very creative, and I love the story behind these gents! Thanks for joining in the CI Challenge for May. Jean x

  3. Wonderful steampunk creations Alice. Really enjoyed reading your post. Thank you for joining in the Crafty Individuals Challenge.
    Flo x

  4. Totally awesome steampunk cards, Alice! Love them all! So creative and so inspirational!
    Thank you so much for joining in our Celebrate Your Style challenge at Anything But Cute! Branka DT x

  5. Täysin steampunk-henkisiä! Kuin silloin tehty:) Ja jos teet sisaruskappaleita, minä varaan yhden:)

  6. Wow! These are fantastic! LOVE the backgrounds and all the collaged on elements! A brilliant set of ATCs! Thanks for sharing some steps images as well - I always enjoy learning about the how to of others.

    Claudia xxx

  7. Great steampunk creation!!!

  8. Voi juku, nämä on kyllä hienoja!

  9. No kylläpä nuo ovat hienoja ja en ihmettele että haluat pitää ne itsellä:)

  10. I love Steampunk, and your cards are great - thanks for sharing your process!

  11. Alice,fabulous steampunk ATC's and what a clever and useful way to use those scraps! You've got my gears turning already! you have created 4 fantastic steampunk vignettes and I love the embellishments, especially the rusty screw. Thank you for Celebrating Your Style with us at Anything But Cute. Hugs! Sara Emily DT

    We were so happy to see your work last time, and congrats on being a Favorite!

  12. Fantastic!!!! Thanks for joining us on the Emerald Creek Supplies Dare Challenge!

  13. These are so so cool! Great background technique. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Anything But Cute! <3