Sunday, July 31, 2016

We have had some good flights, my friend

These guys seem very content. Happiness is having had some good flights and being able to reminisce about them with a like-minded person.

- Remember in 1907? The flight we made in Strasbourg - superb. Beautiful skies, peaceful flying.

- Oh yes, that was grand. And how about Lyon? In 1912 we had the sky all to ourselves. We landed  in a cornfield. Luckily the field was being cut at the time and the peasants treated us to some of the best wine I have ever tasted. Then there were some ten years until we could fly again - what with a war going on and some convalenscence time afterwards - by 1924  the twenties were roaring like there was no tomorrow.

The old, wise guys listen, but will only remark one thing: The storms come and go.

Take their wisdom. It will come handy one day.

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Lunagirl: Planes, trains, automobiles
KK-haaste: 185, Lähden lentoon
Take a Word: Happiness is...


  1. What great cards! We don't see enough men in our artwork so that is always a pleasure. The images are fantastic and the backgrounds are beautifully textured and coloured. Seriously wonderful artwork.

  2. Oi että tykkään näistä korteista, hieno tunnelma niissä jokaisessa.

    1. Kiitos Selma, kiva kun pistäydyit katsomassa!

  3. I love these guys! Great work, beautiful colors, and I really like the steampunk look. Thanks for joining in my challenge at! ~ Karen

  4. Hi again ~ Great news, you're the winner of the random drawing for my July challenge! Whenever you get a chance, email me at to claim your prize, which is $10 credit to use at (four free digital collage sheets, or credit toward anything else!) ~ Karen

  5. Jo vain on miehistä lentoa; tyylikästä koontia, upeat värit! Wau!! Kiitos kun tulit mukaan Kk-haasteeseen!

  6. gorgeous pieces! congratulations on winning the lunagirl moonbeams prize for july! xo

  7. Upeat kortit!! Hienoa, että kolme ukkelia pääsi myös mukaan. :)

  8. Korttisi ovat upeita :) Kiitos osallistumisesta haasteeseen!