Monday, April 24, 2017

Circles, my friend

This week you should be inspired to think circles and apply them to your art. Then head over to Use Your Stuff and enter this week's challenge. Here's my inspiration piece for you:

I started the background with my favorite method: sanding. I rarely use white, pristine storebought card stock, instead it's cereal boxes or covers from glossy brochures, really anything that is thick enough. Sanding it down has several positive effects: it removes some of  the print color, prepares the surface for the paint and brings in texture (especially if you use a coarse sandpaper like I do). I really love the movement of the sanding lines! I am a geek that way.

Next I added a light wash of pink acrylic. The small circles were done in two different ways,  by rubbing distress ink through a stencil (only in select places), and by stamping a  sheet of printer paper with a small circle stamp with script, which were then cut out and glued on. Lastly the large circles were stamped on. The animals were cut as well. Finally came the text that I found in a book.

Osallistuin näillä seuraaviin haasteisiin:
TJK / Silpputehdas: Kevätlempeä. Kruunu päässä riiausmatkalla - mahtaako kumppania löytyä?
KK-haaste: nro 194: pupunkorvat, pajunkissat, harakanvarpaat
Osallistun vähemmän tavallisilla eläimillä. Nämä selvästi nauttivat kevätlaitumelle pääsystään!


  1. Nopea vastaus! Ja hieno! Kiitos!

  2. I love that you use cereal boxes, too! Food packaging is my favorite for die cuts and ATC backgrounds. :)