Friday, May 8, 2015


Oh Paris,  ye city of cities. No wonder then that Collage Obsession had Paris as a theme. What I remember from Paris was not the museums, the lovers, fashion, perfumes or whatever other famous things there are in Paris.
It is the light. In my remembrance the light had a certain pink cast (or nude in fashion color speak), impossible to capture.
Which didn't keep me from trying.

Paris days and Paris nights.

I flee towards light. - Pakenen valoon.

Mine is the night. - Yö on minun.

Paints, stamping, paper elements like Paris street map and a love letter, and of course the butterflies and the Eiffel tower.
Thanks for looking!


  1. You are right: it was really light. I remember it, too.
    But I remember artists of Montmantre, too. It was so wonderful to walk there.

    Very beautiful cards! They bring me back to Paris...

  2. Thank you Uuna. How could I have forgotten Montmartre! I even looked afterwards what it would cost to rent an apartment there - too much for a starving artist :-)

  3. Oh how I would love to see Paris! I haven't been but it is on the bucket list. I bet you captured the pink cast (nude) superbly! These are wonderful cards! ~Niki

    1. Thank you Niki. We'll always have Paris, as they say. Just keep it on your list and some day it will happen.