Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Check your Vision

Steampunk Challenge by SanDee and Amelie asks to have your "Eyes Tested". Now that's an interesting theme! It made me think of eyesight, and perfect vision (20/20) and seeing double (I do, sometimes...)
Here's my entry. Identical twins can have that effect on you - are you seeing more than you ought to, or is it ok?
Seeing Double
Here is one girl:
 and here the other:
These pieces have seen some rough treatment. They have been sanded, treated with metallic and regular paints, crayons and pastels. They have been stamped and the numbers are image transfer.

Kaksoiskuvat tein Steampunk-haastetta varten, jonka aiheena oli silmät ja näkö. Näissä on käytetty helmiäismaalia, tavallista väriä, värikynää ja pastelliliitua, niitä on hangattu hiekkapaperilla ja ne on leimattu ja lopuksi vielä numerot siirtokuvina. Ne ovat vapaana vaihtoon, mielellään johonkin steampunkiin.


  1. Lovely atc´s. I love different cards, which aren´t too romantic or only angels. Good work!

  2. Hienot kortit! Minua kiehtovat nuo silmät taustalla. Mielenkiintoinen kokeilu.

  3. This Double LO has me seeing double the awesomeness! I am a twin, so I do know how it goes. Lol! Your treatments of sanding and stamping and transferring are so well placed! Thanks for joining us at SanDee&Amelie's Steampunk Challenge! ~Niki

  4. Such a stunning and imaginative interpretation of our challenge theme, Alice! Wow!

    LOVE the idea with the identical twins - and the ATC look just so amazing! Their worn look is so cool!

    Thanks for sharing your art with us at SanDee&amelie's Steampunk Challenges!

    Claudia x

  5. Tekis mieli tehdä näistä ennakkovaraus livevaihtoa ajatellen. Onnistuuko? Voisin yrittää tehdä joitakin steampunkkortteja, joita sinä sitten saisit ekana valita.

  6. Tein näitä kahden kappaleen sarjan ja toisen varasin heti live-vaihtoon. Varaan ne sulle, ja nämä jäävät vielä vapaiksi.

  7. What a great take on the theme! Love how you created the double image. Perfect too that you have twins. Fab background , and the all seeing eye is awesome! Thanks for joint in the fun at SASPC with eyes tested!

    1. It was a fun challenge, I'll be sure to join again. Thanks for visiting Maura!

  8. Wow, I really like your interpretation of the challenge theme. Very original. And both the eyes look absolutely stunning. There's something curiously eerie about them... Thank you for playing along at SASPC!