Friday, April 22, 2016

We are all mad here

- are we not?
I am a sucker for swapping atc's, so 'of course' I had to take part in Marion's Alice in Wonderland-themed atc swap.
Although I have a confession to make..., I do not like the usual Alice imagery, neither the book nor the usual Walt Disney variety... (Sorry if this is a letdown for you, I don't want to hurt anyone. )
In this swap I concentrated on doing something different.

I picked some scenes from the book and interpreted them my way.
"Drink me", of course, the starting line of the mad adventure.
"We are all mad here" says the Cheshire cat.
"Always speak the truth" is the moral teaching of the Red Queen. Let's leave it at that.

I am looking forward to my swap cards of course. But before that, there are lots of cards to be admired on the Pinterest board Marion has created for us.


  1. What fun Alice ATC you did.

  2. Lovely ATCs I don't care for the Disney Alice either

  3. your alice ATCS are most inventive and fun, i love them! xo

  4. I received your wonderful Cheshire Cat ATC. I love the green backgrouond and watches. Of course, that is one of my favorite sayings. Thank you so much!