Sunday, April 24, 2016

Of men and women 1.

I have been doing too much mixed media lately. How do I figure that? I have been missing my 'people'. Those vintage photos of long gone people all seem to have agendas of their own. They jump at me, they corner me and beg to have their stories told.

Tässä muutama vintage-kortti. Inspiroiduin taas valokuvista ja löysin heidän suuhunsa sopivan lausahduksen. Tuo lause kertoo paljonkin siitä, millaisia he ihmisenä ovat. Kuunnellanpas...

He is a deeply superficial person.
This lady claims to be dangerous. (She doesn't look it but she presents us with a decks of cards as a clue.)
And the next one has no mind of her own, she is amenable and obedient: