Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday challenges

Today I made an ATC with effects for TMTA. It had a picture of a family for Nappikappa's 10-day challenge. I don't often try to kill two birds with one stone, as you know, but today is an exception. I did plenty of textured backgrounds, but this was the only one I felt was nice enough for using.

Help me, mommy.Story of the picture is told in my flickr entry.

My favorite texture is achieved this way: Take a slick catalog page and sand it down. It will get a rough texture and the edges will start to look worn. Now it's time to smear any liquid but thick color on it, acrylic, gel paint, colored glue, whatever. While it's still liquid, move the paint around with a credit card, a vial, a pen - again, it doesn't matter. You will get nice textural pattern. As the top layer here was glue paint, I stuck a piece of mesh on top.