Monday, June 12, 2017


The ultimate summer theme - for me it's butterflies. We don't have many in our yard even though I try various flowers each year, perhaps three, four different ones. To compensate for the lack of them I made this set as an inspiration for the Use Your Stuff challenge that opens today.

 Background was made with acrylics and stamping the grass. The background was so pretty by itself it was almost a shame to cover it up.

I built up with stamped tissue paper and some washi tape, added snippets of sheet music and the butterflies.

The really fitting words are by 7Dots Studio.


  1. These are absolutely stunning! It has been way too long since I left a comment on your blog, but just know I am still in awe of your amazing talents! I always walk away from your blog feeling totally inspired. Thanks for sharing your skills with this world and for giving me pretty things to look at time and time again!