Sunday, December 18, 2016

12 weeks of Christmas

I have been largely absent from blogging this fall. When Linda of Funkie Junkie announced a great Christmas Tag Special I decided to make it when I had time. And this weekend I finally did. Talk about last minute!
This is going to be a lengthy post, and a second one will follow. I am presenting and linking all the challenge entries and discuss how Linda's project inspired mine. But stay put - there is a little holiday surprise at the end.

Tässä tulee kuusi korttia erääseen pitkänmatkanhaasteeseen, joka alkoi jo syyskuun puolella mutta johon vasta nyt pääsen osallistumaan. Jos olet kiinnostunut tekniikoista, kysele. En varmaan selitä paljoa tässä ettei pitene liikoja. Jos jaksat lukea loppuun sinua odottaa kenties mukava yllätys.

Week 1
 What I saw was musical notes, stars and a forest. I made the stars with the technique Linda described, but I'm afraid the musical notes was covered with paint. I tried to wipe it off, but the sheet music paper was old and porous and slopped up the paint. But if you look closely it's still there, like a faint echo in the forest.

Week 2

What I took from the inspiration were the dots, chalky background and red color, and the deer of course. I added some text - I like talking deer - and some silver caviar beads.

Week 3

The inspiration was gold, black and birds. I had lovely silver birds, bought at a recent fair. They are old German silver scrap, heavily textured and very festive. I rather like silver and gold together so the bird stayed silver and the background received a mixture of stenciling and dripping with a heavy gold ink from Ayeeda.

Week 4
I know I know, the inspiration tag has flowers. But it also has a wonderful cream color and plenty of red and some green, so I let myself be inspired by colors. I had to add the crown, it's my newest punch, a gift from a dear friend and it is my newest obsession. The chipboard embellishments are by Wycinanka. I am so lucky to have a dealer in town who carries them.

Week 5
This reads Scandinavian shabby chic to me. I went with a grey background with white stenciled snowflakes, some washi tapes, a stamped deer (white on kraft paper), a Wycinanka chipboard and a 7 Dots sentiment.
Week 6
Gold and craft! So very simple. But this proved to be the hardest of them all. After having made the background I still didn't know what I wanted. Finally it hit me: Steampunk! So here we go: steampunk Christmas baubles with some glitter and plenty of bronzed leaves and some caviar beads.

All who follow this blog must know by now that I am a hard core ATC person. I live and breathe ATC's. You might be one, too. How would you like to receive one of these in your mailbox? As a New Year's greeting? I am giving these away as RAK's (Random Act of Kindness). (ETA: I mail everywhere in the world.)
If you'd like one, please comment below and tell which one you'd like to have--- but it also interests me why you'd like to have it. Does it have to do with the design? The colors? Or does it remind you of something you have had or something you've not had yet?
I'm leaving this open till December 25th, 22 o'clock (10pm) Central European time (Greenwich +1). I announce the  winners most likely on the 26th and you have until the 28th to claim your card. Afterwards  I will make a redraw to define the new recipient. You can find my email address underneath the header on the page 'Up for swap'.

Kiva kun jaksoit tänne asti. Kaikki kortit ovat lähdössä lahjaksi. Jos tykkäsit jostain niistä, pane kommenttia ja kerro minkä kortin haluaisit saada ja miksi. Aivan oikein, se kiinnostaa minua. Tykkäsitkö väreistä, aiheesta vai jostain muusta? Asetan aikarajan 25.12. klo 11 Suomen aikaa. Jos arpa osuu sinuun, ota pikaisesti yhteyttä sillä 28.pv. annan kortin seuraavalle sitä toivoneelle. Meiliosoitteeni löytyy otsakkeen *vaihtoon vapaana* alta.


  1. Welcome Alice! So happy you are having the opportunity to participate in the 12 Tags of Christmas Funkie Junkie Style! Your cards are terrific. Hope you are enjoying the inspiration.


  2. Hi Alice, I would like to have all your ATC, they are so beautiful, and formed with such ease!!! But I like the brown with pinion, because I like the natural warm colors, and black magical ATC Life is good :-)

  3. Steampunk-kortti on mun lemppari! Kivat värit ja kiva idea :-)

  4. Oi, sä teet kyllä niin ihania kortteja ja onhan näistä nyt aika vaikea valita.
    Mutta, kyllä tuo pinkki lintu jolla on kruunu päässä on ihana!

  5. Oh, Alice, all yours ATCs are spectacular!!! And I love them all!
    And specially this whit reindeer - just because make me smile :)

  6. Sinulla Alice on niin ihania ATC-kortteja. Omat suosikit ovt:10 My winter secret Sydämet vetoaa minuun sillä etsin itse rakkautta. Kenties se tulee tänä talvena? Week 11 Just keep going, energinen väri ja tsemppi teksti on hyvä yhdistelmä. Week2 Erilailla toteuttettu poro teema. Raikas ja nuorekas.Week 4 Vahva työ ja linnuista tykkään.Hyvää Joulua!

  7. Viikko kaksi!! Ihania kaikki tosin!!