Sunday, December 18, 2016

The next weeks...

... I realize I should have used different headers, like 6 weeks and another 6 weeks?  But I think you still follow me.
These cards are participating in 12 weeks of Christmas challenge over at Frillie and Funkie.

Week 7
Week seven brought lovely blue, white and silver with snowflakes and frost.  I imagined a world in a jar with a  perfect peace, snow and frosty glitter.

Week 8
The inspiration was red, green and white. I omitted the green and stayed with red and white. M 'n M brought the commercial with Santa and the M 'n M figures colliding on the Christmas Eve which I always found so amusing: two fictional characters fainting at the sight of each other. He does exist! cry M 'n M figures and faint. They do exist! cries Santa and faints. Hilarious.

Week 9
Green and gold were the colors and some fir boughs the image. Not having a fir bough stamp to use I went with trees. A touch of red completes this.

Week 10
Offwhite, snowflakes, rustic with burlap and twine and a dash of red. Here's what I made of it. The background was inked with diluted tea stain which makes for a perfect offwhite. The snowflakes were stenciled with a puffy paste and the twine is linen.

Week 11
I saw plenty of red here, combined with white and some black. I added gold for good measure and the word Joy. But of course with my own spin...

 Week 12
The inspiration was green with white. I added some brown and red. The boys are eagerly waiting for Santa: 'We've been good', they say. Shall we believe them?

All who follow this blog must know by now that I am a hard core ATC person. I live and breathe ATC's. You might be one, too. How would you like to receive one of these in your mailbox? As a New Year's greeting? I am giving these away as RAK's (Random Act of Kindness). (ETA: I mail everywhere in the world.)
If you'd like one, please comment below and tell which one you'd like to have--- but it also interests me why you'd like to have it. Does it have to do with the design? The colors? Or does it remind you of something you have had or something you've not had yet?

I'm leaving this open till December 25th, 22 o'clock (10pm) Central European time (Greenwich +1). I draw and announce the  winners most likely on the 26th and you have until the 28th to claim your card. Afterwards  I will make a redraw to define the new recipient. You can find my email address underneath the header on the page 'Up for swap'.

Kiva kun jaksoit tänne asti. Kaikki kortit ovat lähdössä lahjaksi ja alemmasta postauksesta löytyy vielä kuusi!
Jos tykkäsit jostain näistä - ja niistä, pane kommenttia oikean postauksen kohdalle ja kerro minkä kortin haluaisit saada ja miksi. Aivan oikein, se kiinnostaa minua. Tykkäsitkö väreistä, aiheesta vai jostain muusta? Asetan aikarajan 25.12. klo 11 Suomen aikaa. Jos arpa osuu sinuun, ota pikaisesti yhteyttä sillä 28.pv. arvon kortin uudestaan. Meiliosoitteeni löytyy otsakkeen *vaihtoon vapaana* alta


  1. Valloittavan upeita kaikki, mutta heti eniten minuun kolahti tuo vihreä kortti jossa tyttö ja peura ovat punaisen langan sisällä.

  2. Another fun group of ATCs. Very merry and jolly. Congratulations on finishing the challenge so quickly. Best of luck in the prize drawing on Tuesday.


  3. Ich melde mich zu dem Gewinnspiel, alle Kärtchen sind wirklich sehr originell und interessant, am meisten spricht mich das Kärtchen oben rechts - mit dem Hirsch und Mädchen. Es strahlt eine magische Atmosphäre aus...

  4. I would love the girl with the reindeer :)

  5. Wonderful cards again! Nice of you to send them away. <3 They are all gorgeous. But I have my eye on week 8. I love the humor in your cards. :D

  6. All are fantastic! Specially week 8!
    Wishing you a very happy Christmas!